What are NLP and Timeline Emotional Clearing and why are they so effective?
We utilize highly specialized arts that work together to enable you to make absolutely profound changes easily and quickly.
If you have negative feelings about something (or someone), if you’re uncomfortable with how you react to certain things (or people), if you have negative or disempowering beliefs (about yourself or others), you have the power to change these things.

When it comes to creating profound, deep, and lasting change and healing, effective NLP coaching combined with Timeline Emotional Clearing and Hypnosis are the most effective tools I’ve found in over a decade of searching.

Timeline Emotional Clearing is a profoundly fast, easy, and pleasant way to release emotional pain and trauma. Without reliving painful events. Without bringing up buried memories that are hidden from the conscious mind for a reason. I will guide you through finding the appropriate point on your timeline where you can learn what needs to be learned so that the negative emotions can be released.

Effective NLP coaching gives you the ability to manage your internal state. You will learn to stay resourceful during stressful times. You will have a more behavioral flexibility. These tools allow you to create a more peaceful and cooperative home atmosphere and help you become a more influential member of your family.

Neuro means we actually make changes to your neurology, how your mind and nervous system work. Linguistic means I help you reprogram your nervous system through the use of language. In other words, I help you change your thinking and behavioral processes at a deep subconscious level.

All of my programs are outcome focused. You know what you want before you start and our coaching sessions are specifically tailored to your individual needs as we help you attain the desired result.

You will learn positive and effective ways of communicating with yourself and others. Through the programming language of the mind you can shift your way of thinking, let go of limiting beliefs, and resolve internal conflicts. As you create peace in your heart and confidence in yourself you become empowered and can have the success in your life, family, and relationships that you desire.

If you’ve decided there are things you can’t do or shouldn’t try, now’s a good time to think about possibilities. You can be, do, or have anything you desire.

I am trained in and skilled at NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming – which was created to observe, model, and reproduce excellence in any area of life), Timeline Emotional Clearing (which allows you to easily discard harmful negative emotions so you have positive control over your emotional state), and Hypnosis (often misunderstood, hypnosis is powerful tool that uses guided relaxation and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness called trance. In this state the mind becomes highly suggestable. I will only use this state to make changes that you desire and are for your highest good).

What would you like to be possible in your life?