Do you struggle with emotional intimacy?
Do you desire closeness but don't know how to find it?

Do you live in a state of stress but desire peace and calm?

Are you judgmental of yourself though deep down you know you deserve compassion?

Do you feel overwhelmed and want to know how to balance it all?

Past situations and experiences can stack on top of each other.

Sometimes you feel it - like they’re all happening at once!

Get rid of emotional pain.
You can feel better now!

My Emotional Clearing Session is a peaceful, and enjoyable process that goes right to the heart of the problem. It never involves re-living old trauma or opening old wounds.

Imagine being free of a lifetime of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, and Shame!

Emotional Clearing is a single session that usually takes between 2-3 hours. One session will fully and effectively clear out all the negative emotions that are causing you distress.

What our clients say:
"Where I used to exist in a state of constant anxiety, I'm now experiencing peace and calm despite being in tumultuous circumstances.
I used to be very easily overwhelmed and discouraged but since coaching with Roland and Vauna I feel calm, empowered, and focused.
I've tried several different kinds of therapies and while they've all helped at least a little, NLP work has given me the best results."

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"I was suffering personally and punishing others. I was trapped in the role of victim.
Through this process I began understanding how my brain works and how I am managing my thoughts.
I no longer react to others' expectations of me but intentionally decide how I will use my time and energy.
I moved from a place of judgment to acceptance of myself and others."

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"I was suffering from unresolved trauma that was affecting my marriage.
Vauna got me to the root of my disempowering behaviors. Through Vauna I healed my trauma and what used to be triggers no longer affect me.
Before working with Vauna I was lonely, insecure, suffering, I was filled with anxiety.
Now I'm level headed, non-reactive, confident, and I have connection.
You won't be disappointed."

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Clear out all your old negative emotions today.
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Hi! I'm Vauna
I used to be stuck in negative thinking patterns. I didn't know how to get into a positive emotional state and stay there. I considered myself a fairly positive and happy person but I was regularly pulled down into negative loops I struggled to get out of.
I spent 10 years on anti-depressants. I used to regularly feel irritated in my marriage. My family went through serious trauma that led to my husband and I becoming separated. At this point I was barely coping as a newly single mother, overwhelmed, and an emotional disaster.
During our separation, my husband began studying everything he could to learn how to take control of his life, his mindset, and situation. He introduced me to the world of personal development, at first that was his thing because 'he was the one that needed to change’. But as I began to see dramatic positive changes in him, I wanted that for myself. And I began to see that I could change my mindset in order to fully experience joy and love.
Now, together, my husband Roland and I have spent well over a decade on a journey of personal growth and healing. We’ve each learned how to fully maintain our well-being, our mindset, and our marriage.
In addition to personal experience and intense study, we've each obtained an arsenal of trainings and coaching experience including NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming), Timeline Therapy®, and Hypnosis. Together we've helped over 100 individuals and couples overcome patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that hinder personal well-being as well as endanger relationships and families.
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